living in peace

My readership has gone up dramatically since I began this blog 5 years ago. However, it’s never been my intent to be popular and am just glad that my blog may have helped some transgender people in some way feel better about themselves. You have no idea how much personal satisfaction that brings me after living with so much angst over this issue for decades.

Those of you who are already there know what I am talking about and there is really no easy road to self acceptance whether it happens early or late in your life. What you do once there is up to you but don’t ever let anyone give you guff over being who you are; no matter what form that takes.

I have friends all over the transgender spectrum. They support me and I support them wholeheartedly because this is how we will educate a general public who doesn’t need to comprehend us fully to let us live in peace. Now wouldn’t that be something.

I don't pay much attention to commercial milestones like St. Valentine's Day but, if you do and you are on your own, take a moment to reflect how loving yourself first as you are is a prerequisite to loving someone else. Without that we have nothing.


  1. That quote gives me so much to reflect on. My initial feeling was that I wish I'd known this when I graduated high school ('74). But I'm sure I'd have struggled with knowing how to learn to love myself. These days I feel that self-love arises from being true to oneself - which is where I feel I am much closer to now than I've ever been. I well recall wondering when I was in HS what my truth really was.

    Perhaps this is something both of my fiancé(s) or someone else could have told me before we made firm wedding plans. Maybe that would have given me enough pause to consider that no matter what I needed to be more forthcoming with both women as well as myself. I carry a certain amount of guilt, you see.

    Anyway I do want to thank you Joanna for your blog and support. You have helped me and I greatly appreciate it. Hopefully I can repay you someday even a little.

    1. Your regular wonderful contribution here and the fact that you are happy is what gives the most satisfaction Emma 😁


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