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no solid footing

I have spent a lot of time in this blog making a distinction between cross gender arousal and Autogynephilia to try and make transgender people understand that there is a very important difference between the two. In so doing we can remove a false sense of culpability that need not exist.

As I will touch upon in one of the chapters in my book, the onus is on the inventor of a theorized condition to prove his case and in this regard AGP fails spectacularly. However, I am still interested in understanding how pre-existing gender dysphoria and burgeoning sexuality intertwine at puberty to create a situation that for a time has us question whether we suffer from a perversion.

All the trans people I am in contact with trace their feelings to early childhood so all we know is that the sexual feelings toward females become melded with the desire to be one in a way we do not yet comprehend. The important distinction to remember here is that the dysphoria precedes the formation of the sexuality.

False ideas about femininity also corrupted sexologists who might have fallen for AGP. Not all women are extra feminine and many tread a line that overlaps well into masculine areas. Hence you will have some transsexuals fuse their male and female animas post transition to fashion their own brand of femininity. Also the idea that all gynephilics are somehow less feminine than androphilics is based on outdated thinking and today many examples among millennials clearly illustrate this. Even the gap in the age of transition is closing with earlier self acceptance among gynephilics.

So there aren't two distinct etiologies but rather two sets of circumstances governed solely by orientation.

Once we eliminate aberrant sexuality as the main culprit in the creation of a transsexual we can focus on finding the true cause of the condition. But even then, this matters less than the concerns of people who have decided it is best for them to undergo a change of gender role and their day to day reality overrides the importance of how they were created.

Anyone who still believes in AGP after reading my blog or my upcoming book (and I know some of you still do) I cannot help because this means no amount of logic will dissuade you. However if you feel better about yourself and your origins in some way by thinking you suffer from a perversion then perhaps you should continue to espouse these ideas.

Just know that they are not based on very solid footing.

The quicksand that is AGP


  1. And what is the title, publishing date of your book?

    1. The title is "Different" and shoukd be finished by summer (fingers crossed)

  2. "All the trans people I am in contact with trace their feelings to early childhood so all we know is that the sexual feelings toward females become intertwined with the desire to be one in a way we do not yet comprehend."

    I well remember the fantasies I had as a very young child about being a girl, wanting girl clothes, participating in girlish activities. (I also well recall the shame I felt even as I experienced and enjoyed those fantasies.)

    Clearly, children have wild imaginations that arise spontaneously like riffs off of things they witness and desire. I believe their fantasies mature and morph into sexual outlets because it feels good, it's private (as were the fantasies themselves), and let's face it, there were no other outlets.

    The common thread is that these childhood, and later, sexual, fantasies have gender dysphoria at their root.

    I think it will be interesting to understand how current trans children's fantasies and sexual development is affected by the fantasies we experienced. I'd be that trans girls who're supported in their "trans-ness" (if you will) will simply have fantasies that parallel those of natal girls and women.

    1. The difference with these kids is that they far more educated in these matters far earlier than we were. The information they have access to is exponentially greater. This is also the reason why AGP theory holds no stigma for them. Not only is it wrong but even if it weren't it doesn't matter as long as they are living their truth.


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