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I don't know exactly what it is but I am chalking up the treatment I am getting to feeling more relaxed in my own skin and to the fact I am presenting as a woman.

I was walking towards the bench yesterday at the pool to place my towel and one of the life guards greets me with a very friendly "ca va?"

Then later when my goggles refuse to cooperate and I had to adjust the strap for what seemed like forever I got:

"Madame we can lend you some if you need"

I very politely refused her offer, did my laps and then went into the locker room. After a short while one of the lifeguards comes in calling for me while I am in the changing stall.

"Madame some workmen need to come through here in a few minutes so please don't come out naked"

I hadn't begun to change yet so I opened the door and acknowledged her with a smile and a firm reassurance I wasn't going to do that.

Like I said before, I don't know what that combination is but I very much like it. No question part of it is the fact that women are generally nicer and more open with each other.


  1. "...women are generally nicer and more open with each other" -- Decades ago I was initially surprised by this, then delighted. It's a big reason why I now prefer the company of women and make choices to foster it. I'm glad you're receiving warmth and nice treatment from other women.


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