the middle

Most people are not far right or left on the political spectrum however they can be swayed with key issues. Evangelicals for example will be all about abortion, prayer in schools and possibly gun rights (depending on the region). Political parties long ago determined that the middle will not adhere to their entire platform but if you capture some of the pivotal issues they hold dear they will vote for you regardless.

The extreme right and left in the United States are represented by neither major party although arguably the Republicans have moved further right than the Democrats have moved left. The alt-right trolls picked up on Trump thinking he was going to be an anti-establishment candidate. His obvious stupidity aside, Trump doesn't hold enough views on serious issues and his narcissism gets in the way of caring but he served as a useful tool for factions of the GOP to get their platform advanced. Think of the Koch brothers here as an example.

The middle is a mixture of both right and left ideology bundled erratically together with most people being woefully ignorant of history and its significance. One recent example I saw involved a woman denying that the group she had affiliated herself with was fronted by Russian interests. In spite of this being clearly recognized and trumpeted in all media she would hear nothing of it. Trump was able to capture the pulse of a deeply dissatisfied electorate who tired of the status quo and wanted a savior. Of course he could not be such a thing but to capture the deeply ignorant factions he didn't need to sell himself very hard and the GOP establishment happily rode along on his coattails.

The world is rapidly changing and the older Trump voter as well as the Democratic establishment voter are in for a rude awakening since many millenials do not share their comfortable and corrupted interests.

The average Fox News watcher is 68 years old. Does that sound healthy to you?

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