my book is released

Well about a year and a half and 40,500 words later (or thereabouts) my book is now finished and released. It is available through Lulu (and I believe through other affiliated partners)in an Epub format which is what most digital E-readers use. You can download a free Epub reader anywhere on the net for free if you don't own a kindle or some other E-reader.

I am pretty proud of this book and as a first time author I am sure there is much room for improvement. Nevertheless, I hope those of you who read it will enjoy it and maybe get something out of it. You might even recognize yourself in my words. I would also dearly appreciate your feedback on it if you feel so inclined to review it once you have read it.

Thank you!

It can be acquired here


  1. Congratulations, Joanna! I'm sure everyone will appreciate it!

    1. Thanks for your pre-read Emma. I ended up doing major surgery on a large portion of the book which I am much happier with now..

    2. Congratulations, Joanna. I put the link in the Book Shelf section of the T-Central home page.


  2. Congrats! I look forward to reading it. Are you doing anything to promote it?

    1. I was hoping word of mouth would be enough but if you have suggestions let me know :)


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