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the right medicine

Trump has exceeded even my own low expectations of him as an oafish and embarassing buffoon and he must be making it exceedingly hard for even the FOX News apologists to look beyond his glaring lack of competency. No doubt there must be gnashing of teeth under those false television smiles.

The truth has gotten out and even the lowest educated voters must be finally getting the picture that this is a train wreck waiting to happen.

The right in America is in shambles and the uneasy marriage of old school fiscal conservatives with rabid alt-right racists must not be an easy thing. I would hate to be a libertarian and hold my nose and have voted for an idiot over Hillary no matter how unsavoury she might have been.

The Democrats are also in disarray and have sacrificed their principles at the altar of Wall Street and dirty NRA money. The only hope left for Congress now is an invasion of politically motivated millennials to come take over the reins.

The great American experiment is at a crossroads where it will either survive in spite of past errors or spectacularly go down in flames through the apathy of its voters to force real change. This will necessitate campaign reform and a dismantling of the infrastructure that has allowed a band of rich white bandits to take over the store. Hence, the motto of "love it or leave it" just isn't going to cut it here.

It may yet not be too late and I wonder if this horrendous presidency might not be be medicine they need.


  1. Trump’s depravity is immeasurable. Whether it is unstoppable remains to be seen, but I am honestly not sure it is. I do not believe that the impeachment process will present itself as a real option, if for no other reason than that the Democrats are unlikely to retake the Senate this November. Whatever the case, though, I think the ultimate test of the republic’s health will come when it would be expected for Trump to exit the White House, whether because he becomes (the first president in history to be) convicted upon impeachment trial, loses reelection in 2020, or his second term expires in 2025. I am uncertain he will go gently. That’s what really keeps me up at night. If he dares to stay, whatever happens next is will transpire in a whole new world.

    I am sadly awaiting for the trial balloons that seek to normalize his President-for-Life ambitions. If we hear someone float the idea of repealing the 22nd Amendment, the beginnings of memes touting how undemocratic it is to prevent the people from choosing their leader, we’ll know it is all in the works. Ronald Reagan argued as much while in office, but no one worried the Constitution would be amended merely for him.

    Should those grumblings arise during the Trump era, when prominent figures are calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment, Nazis have been emboldened to speak openly, almost all wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few megagazillionaires, and just about every average joe of every political stripe has lost faith in her representatives and has her pet news channels reaffirming daily her peculiar world view, we could see a full-fledged constitutional convention and/or civil war.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong. I hope I am. On a lighter note, I heard a good campaign slogan:

    ~~~Bernie 2020 (hindsight)~~~

    Still gotta smile somehow 😀


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