Franklin Graham defends Donald Trump with a straight face stating that it doesn't matter what he does in his private life because he has been chosen by God.

This statement is an abomination and makes me wonder what makes these evangelicals tick. It is not possible to reconcile religious principles of Christianity with the kind of philandering and uncharitable life that this president has lived to date because what we end up with is hypocrisy. But as long as this clown supports their pro-gun, anti-abortion and anti-LGBT agenda they will vote for him no matter how unsavory his unapologetic character.

You cannot now claim to be upholding your principles and support a scoundrel who thumbs his nose at them for you have now undermined your credibility.

Graham, whose father was arguably the most famous televangelist America has ever had, proves he is not his father and that, in this new era of political expediency where bastardized religion sits right alongside dirty politics, anything is possible.


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