lunch with Halle

Halle and I met on a rainy day for lunch this past week at a Baton Rouge restaurant in the suburbs of Montreal. It was our second meeting and more profound and relaxed than our first; at least from my perspective.

We both shared from the thought processes that got us to where we are on our respective journeys and lamented equally in why self acceptance must often take so long for a trans person. She is visibly in a good place after many years of struggle and the dysphoria has vanished into the ether of everyday lived experience which establishes itself when you finally know where you fit.

Our waiter (who took the picture below) was friendly and talkative and at some point we were embroiled in an interesting conversation about his life as an out gay man with grown children. His message to them was to be yourself and don't let people push you around. The blurriness of the image below became fully appreciable only upon my return home but, nevertheless, I succeeded in having Halle agree to have it taken and posted in this entry. Not that it took all that much cajoling.

Halle is very much at peace with herself these days and after 60 years of living in a male role she took a step she knew she must lest face regret down the road. Her words stayed with me afterwords as I ponder how to proceed with my own life. It is rare to meet other trans people who we connect with so when we do it is a treat and Halle certainly does not disappoint in this regard. It will my pleasure to get together with her again.

She will be moving further away geographically later this year and we made a point to recovene before she does.


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