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Gender dysphoria has been very aptly and wonderfully described by Anne Vitale as "Gender Expression Deprivation Anxiety". This gap in our inner sense of self against an imposed standard we are to subscribe to for our birth gender is the culprit. We don't know how it originates but we know it is real because we live it from earliest memory. It can be ignored for a time however not indefinitely.

I was over at her site recently and her impressive patient history (which exceeds well over 600) speaks volumes. It is reflected in the quality of the information found there.

One of things I remembered reading and was reminded of once again was the impressive track record of her patients to self diagnose. Only a handful have turned out to not be gender dysphoric with the rest very clearly so. The other observed tendency of her patients was to understate their level of dysphoria with the greater the information revealed the more they tended to climb the Benjamin scale; a coordinate system with much merit but with blurring between the grades.

One thing which is clear in reading her work: she cares about her patients and as a transgender woman herself she can certainly relate to them.


  1. Well said, Joanna. I agree that Vitale’s label says so much more. Also, I agree that as we relieve our deprivation it that the need to relieve more - that we couldn’t predict earlier - becomes evident.

    We’re all warned that the grass on the other side of the mountain isn’t greener. I am here to say that in this case they were wrong. The grass is verdant, abundant, and gloriously speckled with tulips and blossoming cherry trees.

  2. Emma, would you like to come to my house to mow all of this grass? It's only slightly less verdant, abundant, and gloriously speckled than the weeds, however. Like our deprivations, every weed relieved from the lawn seems to lead to two others popping up. :-)


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