a small step forward

Now that the ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases) has removed the stigma of being transgender considered a mental illness, there are still other layers of subtlety to be resolved but it is a definite improvement and, those who sought to stigmatize transgender people, will now have a little less ammunition.

To me this whole issue can be boiled down to one thing: how does one live in a world that doesn’t know what to make of you? Do you transition fully and pick a side or do you exist in some partial form which can sometimes complicate your life in how you present and are addressed by the public?

This is part of my thinking process today where I am reflecting on how to live my life going forward.

The strength of your cross-gender identification plays a huge role here and some people simply must transition but what I like about today is that others are freer to choose some variant that stops shy of this goal. Not everyone will opt for surgery for example but will otherwise live entirely as the opposite gender role to their birth sex.

Choice is the key here and the treatment and management of gender dysphoria is becoming more liberalized which is what counts. We are toppling the hard boundaries of gender and allowing for a malleability that gives dysphoric people hope in that they can fit their treatment formula to their life reality. The truth is that we are all so unique that we cannot expect everyone to follow the same path; that would be absurd. But every little bit of recognition that we form part of the normal fabric of humanity helps to make our existence more bearable in this sometimes-hostile world.

I welcome this change as another small sign that we are learning to respect human diversity and adapt to the needs of those who, though small in number, need the protection and respect of the majority in order to thrive.

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