another dimension

Kyle Kulinski is an unabashed American liberal whose ideas will not necessarily be appreciated by everyone yet he always calls a spade for what it is. Watching the video from FOX News on which he comments made me writhe and Kyle can barely contain his outrage after its over.

You will note that virtually everything said during the excerpt is false and illustrates to what extent the network has become an unapologetic propaganda tool for Trump's vision for America. If you aren't particularly bright and watch nothing but FOX you might as well live in another universe as they twist and omit the truth to such an extent it leaves one virtually speechless. Candace Owens, the new "it girl" of the far right, makes particularly confused statements here.

Kyle is part of the millennial politically educated class who want things to change in the US and he is often left gobsmacked by the audacity of the fake news that Trump loves to talk so much about. Until news becomes news again the partisanship will remain solidly entrenched with everyone getting their information via echo chambers which reflect their personal politics.

Only one man at the sycophantic network, Shep Smith, tries to get some truth out but I am unsure whether he will last long as calls for his head have come before for simply stating the facts.

In the meantime we need warriors like Kyle to keep going.


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