correlation and causation

"Some pre transition male to female transsexuals experience cross gender arousal ergo the arousal causes a false claim of identity" This is the bedrock claim made by the apostles of the Autogynephilia theory.

An analogy which could be made would be:"every time I see lightning I hear thunder ergo lightning causes thunder" a claim which is incorrect for at best they are correlated (you can look that up).

You see, correlation is not necessarily causation. This is science 101.

Lack of proof is the problem with AGP and the only way to settle things would be to provide a definite explanation and causation for the arousal; something which no one has been able to do thus far. Therefore it is just as convenient for we transgender people to claim that cross gender arousal is a symptom of dysphoria: a statement which is just as plausible and far more likely given our early childhood identification.

To state that the Autogynephilia theory is based on science is clearly incorrect and to continue to promote it on that basis is disingenuous. You don't need to be a deep thinker or a Rhodes scholar to figure this out; it's actually quite elementary.

Proponents of the theory all have their very well documented individual agendas which I have featured here before in these pages and it still shows up in some of their sites presented as fact. The only thing that is a fact is that the arousal occurs.

This discredited theory will die with them because it is not picking up any steam in the form of new converts. Young transgender millenials are simply and rightly brushing it off and gatekeepers and researchers are abandoning it as well.

Transgender women like Julia Serano have fought hard against it as I once did because clearly we were both once stigmatized by what at first might have seemed like an explanation for our way of being. But now that it's been debunked all the fascination has gone out of it like air out of a balloon; at least it has for me.

By the way, one of the best and most passionate essays on this subject has been written by Clare Flourish. You can find it here.


  1. This word keeps appearing like a migraine headache!

    Humans are weird and unfathomable with infinite ways to be stimulated, or not. Did I mention infinite?

    We exist and no weirdo theories can make us go away...

    1. It will be a long while before I bring it up again Caroline fear not. Just my way of closing the coffin 😁


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