dumb strategy

Trump wants to have a tariff war except he is incredibly unclever.

In order to pander to his base in the rust belt he is going to risk further alienating American allies and hurting US companies who rely on imports (which includes Canada's aluminium).

This deeply stupid individual is continually making errors even as he begins to feel Robert Mueller's breath on the back of his neck. Michael Cohen has 15 lawyers working full time to examine potentially damaging evidence (they tried to move a June 15th deadline mandated by a federal judge). The state now has in its possession audio recordings and shredded documents being put back together and the bill is adding for Cohen only increasing the likelihood he will turn state's evidence against Trump.

It is just a matter of time now and with Trump potentially testifying before Mueller during which he will most assuredly purjer himself, it doesn't look good for this horrendous presidency.

At least let's hope so.


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