hair removal update

The HPL hair removal unit has been doing its job. The first thing I noticed is that little patches of hair on my hands and fingers are now free of regrowth. So where once a week or so I would need to take a razor to them, they have not required it.

Most of us who are gender dysphoric hate excess hair and I am no exception. Therefore anything that helps in this regard is a Godsend. I have also been treating my face, legs, chest and underarms but those take time and I expect months to go by before I notice significant reduction.

So, do I recommend this product based on progress to date? Yes I do but I see patience will be a virtue here and the timeline will be 6 months to a year but, considering the price of the unit, that is hardly an inconvenience.

Those of you looking for a semi-permanent to permanent solution to hair removal should consider it. Just remember that its meant for dark hair and will not work on white.


  1. Funny thing about the "meant for dark hair" precaution: many of us who need hair removal are older. And that means gray hair! Certainly a disappointment... But I'm happy that the unit is working for you!

    In my own case, I had my arms, underarms, legs, hands and feet, chest and back all laser-treated when I was younger - and more importantly, still working - so I had both money AND dark hair. While I still get some regrowth on the chest and to a lesser extent, the back (now mostly gray), I keep them covered and use a razor to clean up the upper chest when necessary.

    My arms and legs are such that I can use my epilator about 3 times a month to take care of peachfuzz and the dark hairs which remain. And I use tweezers from time to time on the black and gray hairs on my face. Long live makeup.

    It's inconvenient, but I can live with that. Especially since I'm not transitioning...


    1. Glad you have a formula that works Mandy. I still have enough black hairs that this product can help with and others might also benefit given its cost relative to laser. It might be slower but that's all.


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