sound familiar?

This is Jordan Peterson all over again except now its based on religious grounds. This teacher says its against his religious principles to address transgender students by their preferred pronouns; a policy at the school where he works. As a result he feels encouraged to resign because in his own words “I’m being compelled to encourage students in what I believe is something that’s a dangerous lifestyle”. The school will rightly accept his resignation because evidently being compelled to do something he feels is so heinous is clearly countering their policy of inclusiveness and tolerance.

Of course just how he would know anything about what being trans is all about is beyond me but never mind because such are the blinders among the true believers. In their eyes this is a sinful "lifestyle" and must not be encouraged in any way lest it catches on like a virus.

I am afraid that there will be more such cases where if it isn't a baker refusing to serve a gay couple it will some other trans person being discriminated against for something as simple and inoffensive as a pronoun.

Being respectful doesn't cost much.


  1. Sure, start with the most marginalized. Then see where this leads.

    "But I am a Christian, and I do not want to allow my Jewish students to wear their little beanies on their heads in my class. I feel I am supporting a harmful lifestyle, as I know full well that being Jewish leads to eternal damnation, and I just cannot support someone doing that to someone. It's violation of MY religious freedom to allow them to express their Jewishness in MY classroom. And no, I won't call it a "keepah." It's a beanie, and if you say I have to say "keepah," you're violating MY freedom of speech."

    First they came.........

    -Caryn Bare

    1. It's not that much of a stretch Caryn. I can see how these fundamentalists can't see past their nose and assume this is optional gender variance we exhibit. The most frustrating aspect is they don't bother educating themselves and get past the black and white vision of reality. This is what orthodoxy does to your mind.


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