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I continue to be very pleased with the Silk'n hair removal apparatus and have zero regrets about having purchased it. It is doing the job prompting me to think that technology certainly has come a long way.

There are spots where the hair growth has almost come to a standstill and I can see how a few more months of use could deliver amazing results which includes the face which I have treating in selected spots that didn't have a chance to respond to laser all those years ago.

My daughter has now begun to use it based on my testimonial.

The picture below is of me using the least amount of makeup ever: light foundation, loose powder and a light fleshy coloured lipstick. Everything took all of 5 minutes to apply.

NB: Dr Morris responded to me after I emailed him the article on blood clots:

"Of course. The real question is the long-term risk of estrogen. The study is complicated by the use of anti-androgens which also increase the risk of thrombosis. But the alternative....?"


  1. I'm waiting to hear from my endocrinologist friend about HRT and blood clots. Thankfully if all goes as planned I'll no longer need anti-androgens late in 1Q19!

    And as he wrote: "But the alternative...?" This is exactly what my therapist said when I vacillated about starting hormone therapy. To each her own of course but for me the benefits outweigh the risks. Easy to say now of course...

    1. The alternative is of course to live without HRT which many of us are not willing to do.


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