finding his own way

My son is shy but you can see he is coming into his own slowly. Now that my daughter is older, has a boyfriend and is begining her professional life, I spend more one on one time with him (rather than both at the same time) and talk about issues that come into his mind whether it be his personal beliefs or a political discussion.

He recently very sheepishly admitted to me that out of curiosity he had taken some IQ tests which had him scoring in the high 130's confirming what I already suspected: that he bears more than a physical resemblance to his grandfather.

Still, smart or not, It is not easy for anyone to grow up and we face social challenges that we must grapple with before we can become ourselves. With him it is his anxiety.

I don't presume to give him advice on what he should believe or espouse and he asks me questions about my spiritual beliefs. I tell him that whatever he believes needs to come from his own personal exploration and cannot be enforced or transferred from someone else. He needs to continue reflecting and come to his own conclusions.

All I do now is prompt him to never stop tweaking his thought process and with age he will reach different plateaus in his stances on different issues.

18 is still awfully young.


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