mind the gap

There is no question about it, the political spectrum in the United States has shifted to the right. The current Democratic party establishment is close to where the old Republican party was, while the latter has now moved into the terrain of the fringe.

Having picked up hypocrite Evangelicals and outright racists in the form of the alt-right, the republicans now flirt with the kind of ideas that previously existed as informalized rhetoric. Open discrimation has become official policy whether it be aimed at people of color or members of the LGBT community.

We like to think the humanity evolves and that history does not repeat itself, but the pattern seems to hold true that our advancement takes steps back before we move forward, and it wasn’t that long ago that humanity was committing unspeakable acts in the name of honor of country and flag.

The propensity of some Americans towards jingoism has always perturbed me. The idea that one can adopt the stance of loving one’s country to the point of abandoning reason and stifling the kind of dissent which improves the lives of the most marginalized makes little sense to me. Questioning one's country is not treason but instead the best kind of patriotism which uses a level head to advance the cause of justice.

The Trump presidency has emboldened the fringe elements of society who were once too afraid to peer out from their bunkers. Now they seem to have found an ally in a dimwitted charlatan whose moral compass never existed and whose lack of decency knows no boundaries. These extremists allow him to open doors through his lack of fear of stirring the pot of rhetoric and moving the goal posts each time in the process. Unless there is a reparation in the next election cycle, I am concerned that things will continue to slide and push the United States into a type of civil war. It may not take the form of the first one but clearly the seeds of social unrest have been planted.

The gap in understanding between conservatives and progressives has been widened to the point where there may be no smooth way of returning to a time we now find sane by comparison.

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  1. We must also be concerned about gaps in the mind. Like, one who forgets history is bound to repeat it......


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