Most Western liberal democracies are in a state of disrepair and none more so than the United States. Faced with the issue of uncontrolled immigration and a population that is increasingly falling into the ranks of the working poor something needs to be done.

Europe is facing much the same problem although no country has yet elected someone as ill-prepared for office as Trump who serves as the proverbial bull in a china shop (a combination of incompetence and bravado steeped in malevolence). Brexit, for example, was in large part a plebiscite on Neoliberal ideas on globalization and Britons pined for a return to policies that fed their former way of life; one that likely will never return. How to stay connected to continental Europe while maintaining some level of autonomy is now Theresa May's dilemma to handle.

Western alliances are fraying at the seams and the Chinese and the Russians are taking note and rejoicing at their good fortune. Even Canada is taking a more cynical view of our relationship with the United States and, as long as a radical administration holds the reins of power, we cannot hope to reinforce the ties that used to bind us together.

However, history works like a pendulum and seems to adjust itself through the corrections of excess. This is how empires manage to implode from within rather than be destroyed from outside which is what is currently happening to the United States. A disinterested and disconnected population is letting itself be controlled through a system of oligarchy fueled by demagoguery with decisions being made not for their benefit; the illusion of democratic elections serves as a smoke screen to keep the disenfranchised masses quiet.

It is disheartening to see the racial uniformity of the crowd at Trump rallies where predominantly white, working class and susceptible people get wound up about building walls to keep the foreigners out. Among those huddled masses are many people who already exist within the half of the population who makes less than $30,000 a year. They are being lied to by a dolt who has more money than they will ever see in their lifetime and they are heartily drinking his Kool-Aid. Trump has managed to capture the pulse of the lowest common denominator and he's running with it.

If you ever wondered to what extent a segment of the population can be controlled through simple hypnosis, look no further.

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