starting over

Ruth Rose has a new lease on life and what a nice lady she seems...


  1. I am definitely going to share this on on tumblr!

  2. This is great! She is so spot on with her advice to totally embrace your life and bravely face the challenges that come up. There have been many times since going full time last month that I have been tempted to pull back, play it safe. No more.

  3. I like that she said one must clean up their (old) life completely. This, of course, means one must come clean with their true gender, completely, in the process. This, I gather, she accomplished some time before getting the surgery. For myself, I had to make a commitment, which meant that I needed to be honest with everyone - myself included. Anyway, Ruth had become the woman she was always meant to be even before her surgery, I believe. The surgery was just the icing on the cake.

    1. It was the completion of a very long journey


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