the best version of ourselves

Nothing beats authenticity however I only discovered this many years into my life.

I grew up with the false idea that being transgender was something I brought upon myself in spite of living an honest and respectful life since being born to two parents who gave me a very stable childhood. That kind of thinking messed things up for me for the longest time.

We didn’t know anything about this condition when I was growing up, so it was easy to blame ourselves. Having shed the stigma and the shame and armed with a great deal of information, I am now living among the happiest years of my life regarding this issue, accompanied by a calmness of spirit I never expected to achieve.

We cannot place ourselves in a box for others because neither side wins. They get a shadow of the real person and we remain frustrated constrained as less than ideal versions of who are. In that light, trying to lead a normal life is not your goal but rather to live happily within the constraints of your transgender reality which is an entirely different thing.

Learning this lesson has been pivotal which is why I am now able to be that best version of myself.

Being transgender may well be a statistical abnormality but why would I not just accept that and live correspondingly? That was the key to my liberation.

After all, the rest of the world lives as they need to and we have every right to do the same.

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