"to the nines"

At the end of this month there is a shareholders meeting for my side project and since I am one of the shareholders, I will be there. It is being held in a law firm that looks quite reputable and I asked Patricia the CEO if she would be dressing up. To which she responded:

"To the nines!"

Since she is doing it I told her that I will do the same and wear a nice skirt suit with my black pumps and my pearl earrings (perhaps something similar to the image below). I think that's a pretty professional look to which I will add minimal jewelry; perhaps just a simple pendant and a one ring.

This will be my first professional business meeting as a woman and I am looking forward to it. All the practice living part time makes it that I am not the least bit nervous but I just see it as another step in my exploration.

I will post about it afterwards.

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