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Of all the social media platforms, Twitter is the most befuddling.

People get to post short messages which sometimes link to other webpages but there isn't enough real estate to say much. The platform is also the least choosy when it comes to censoring users; the caustic and deranged conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is still permitted to post there.

I suppose we could view it as a venting platform and indeed the manchild president of the United States uses it to share his garbled thought processes with often unintended humorous results.

In today's instant mass media environment there is no need for editing when we can wake up, have a brain wave and share it with humanity. We risk exposing weakness through these short bursts of insight which often let others see more about ourselves than we intended; just look what it has done for tarnishing Trump's already dodgy public mage.

After 12 years of being in business, Twitter is only now starting to turn a profit which speaks to the volatility of these platforms. At first I didn't understand its power but now I am able to look at it as a looking glass into the mind of people who don't realise that these little outbursts give their detractors more power than intended.

There isn't enough space to express ideas or concepts hence, if used improperly, it can get us into trouble by encouraging the spasmodic and the knee-jerk in all of us.


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