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Good grief, I don’t know how many times I need to explain this to the "Blanchardians" but here it goes once again in simple terms: cross gender arousal is not the same thing as Autogynephilia which is an invented condition that ascribes the motivation for transitions to exclusively (note the use of bold for emphasis) sexual motives. No one questions the existence of cross gender arousal which many trans women will freely admit to. It could be part of a much broader and complex picture that we do not yet comprehend and a symptom of gender dysphoria which begins very early in adolescence or is possibly pre-existing. I have addressed this over and over in numerous posts over the last 6 years.

The point is that we haven't a clue as to what causes all this. But really when you think about it how very odd; people who feel like women fantasizing as women. The mind simply boggles. Nevertheless, if someone has any conclusive proof that transitions are exclusively (note the use of more bold here) due to sexual motives I am all ears and, no, admissions by transwomen that they got turned on by fantasizing as women does not count. That just proves the arousal exists which we already knew.

Bottom line: motivation cannot be "scientifically" proven. Still, just in case someone sends me something I will be waiting patiently by my mailbox.....

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  1. You seem to receive messages from a large number of "Blanchardians" which is indeed amazing. I don't experience anything similar nor defending myself although I'd like to add a recent experience.

    I'm occasionally meeting with a financial professional. We were introduced to each other 2-3 months ago. I felt it was best for me to be forthcoming that I'm trans so I sent an email to him advising of this and said that if that made him uncomfortable that that was fine and I'd simply ask that he introduce me to one of his colleagues. He phoned me the next day saying that although he knows and works with several gay people that I was the first trans person he ever knew. Also, that he's a Fundamentalist Christian. We agreed to work together as he expressed an interest in learning from me and also promised not to say or try to bring me into any Fundamentalist orthodoxy. Since then we've had a couple of very interesting conversations and I've provided him with resources to watch and read.

    I met with him last week and mentioned that I'm planning on surgery next year. He admitted that even with all that we've talked about he was struggling with understanding what it is to be transgender.

    I said, "Okay, let's say that I start using she and her pronouns with you. I lean out your door and say to your receptionist, 'She asked me to ask you to bring her another pad of paper.' How would that make you feel?

    He said, "I'd want to correct you. I'd feel uncomfortable."

    "Exactly," I said. "That's how I've felt all these years when people used masculine pronouns with me and my old name."

    The light came on in his face. "I think I'm starting to understand."

    1. That is awesome Emma. I admit I am more on guard than you are for malicious pseudoscience because I never want to see another trans person branded by it. I suffered enough in my own life and this is my own little payback.
      One of the doctor friends of mine who sees trans kids asked me how I was paying things back and when I told him I kept a blog he was very pleased.
      Education is key...


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