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Many of you may already be where I am. Tired of the world and its propensity to judge, you are past its fickleness and pay no mind to its opinions. It's by no means easy to do but it is mandatory for us otherwise we are not living. It is this tougher skin we must develop to go about the world in freedom and has helped me to be known and accepted as a woman by a great deal of people.

Imagine the reverse scenario: I could recoil everytime someone gave me a second glance or furled an eyebrow. It is precisely because I don't worry that the best of me comes out and celebrates who I am.

Last week I went to Payless and bought some stilettos. No, they are not very high but they were so comfortable I could not resist. I was chatting with the sales girls who told me how nice they looked as I paraded the aisles making sure I could wear them over a long stretch; for them I was just another lady looking for shoes.

I also had dinner a few nights ago with that young estimator from the Toronto office who I came out to last year. I told her I was coming as Joanna and all she cared about was that I be comfortable doing so.

At some point in the dinner she told me it was like being with the same person only the female version and said she would never have guessed I was trans while finding my presentation, voice and mannerisms to be perfectly natural; for her was a testament to my ability to hide in plain sight. The end result is that we had a lovely evening and I now feel I have conquered all my trepidation about presenting as Joanna to my friends.

Yet another bridge crossed.

took a picture in the store


  1. You are putting your best foot forward in a variety of ways. I admire the courage of your convictions. I have a feeling that the warmth of your personality and your ability to engage in inviting conversation is a great advantage that you have but others may not possess to the same degree.

    1. We all have that ability when we want to Kati. The courage comes with the need 😁

  2. Perhaps each of us has a hidden reservoir of courage lurking inside of us which is only revealed when courage is a matter of necessity. However, courage is just one of the essential elements. Personality is also a critical component. It often makes all the difference.

    1. My personality was always there true but it was dampened through fear of being myself because I would be rejected. That fear is completely gone and that is the biggest hurdle. You dont need a huge personality to be yourself.


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