desert island concertos

If I had to choose one series of concertos to take with me to a desert island it would be Bach's Brandenburgs; the music is so joyous and buoyant.

Here is the first movement of concerto number 5 being consumately performed. Take note of the majestic and patient passage back to the movement's main theme between 4:28 and 5:45 which is just one example of the pure genius of Bach...


  1. thank you Joanna. i can't imagine my life without being able to both play ( on the piano ) & listen to Bach... to this day i remember 1st reading Arthur C Clarke's 2001 ( 45 years ago ) & coming upon the image of Bowman heading toward saturn ( in a ship looking like a giant sperm cell ) listening to Bach... the only thing keeping him from losing his mind. Bach. & here's a treat for you, 300 years later & still kicking ass: .
    5 years ago in the wall st. journal there appeared a review of a disk of some Bach piece's by a mandolinist named Chris Thile... in which he mentioned how perfect an intermingling of masculine & feminine energies Bach's music displays...

  2. Nothing in this lifetime will ever convince me that Bach's 3rd Brandenburg isn't the greatest piece of music ever written, but the 5th is a close second for me, and this is a magnificent performance. Thank you for the post.

    Like Mark, reading Clarke's 2001 (the book - not quoted in the film) when I was 11 years old was the first thing that convinced me this Bach guy was worth checking out!

  3. Glad you both enjoy these concertos as much as I do 😁


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