It's like shooting fish in a barrel


  1. Obama made his speech in an auditorium on our university campus less than a mile from where I work. It was a Big Deal to have an ex-president come to town. 22,000 people applied for tickets to see him in the 1,500 seat venue, so like most, I wasn't able to see him live, but did watch the live feed on our campus network. Just to hear a leader able to deliver a logical and literate speech for more than an hour without repeating himself or even once stroking his own ego or launching a personal attack was an uplifting and revelatory experience. It certainly made me nostalgic for the "good old days" of 2008.

    Whatever your politics (and mine are probably even a bit to the left of Obama's), get out and vote this November. There literally might not be a nation, or a world, left for your grandchildren if you don't.


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