let's please read carefully

This post is prompted by a recent comment I received to one of my older posts and I wanted to address it.

I used to wonder why some transgender people accepted Blanchard’s work until I think I figured out why: they may not have examined it closely enough. They would experience cross gender arousal and then accept it was Autogynephilia without properly understanding what the term meant and what the theory said: it is an invented sexual “illness” which makes people transition. In other words, it is the arousal itself which causes this desire and not a pre-existing gender identity which does not align with birth sex. Of course, Blanchard has no explanation for the origin of his proposed “illness” only that it is a form of sexual deviance.

My counter proposal? we transition despite this arousal. In other words, the transgender identity is pre-existing and the arousal is the result of the mismatching of burgeoning sexual feelings towards females and this misaligned identity; it is not perversion but rather an inversion which must be addressed. Call it crossed wiring if you will.

Suddenly, Blanchard and I are instantly in a stalemate as any theory based on sociological behavior has an inherent problem: it cannot be conclusively proven. What I find particularly appalling, however, is the disingenuous selling of the theory as if it were a fact. Hence I ask that transgender people examine carefully what is being proposed before any form of tacit acceptance.

For example, Anne Lawrence's website contains testimonials by transsexuals who are admitting to experiencing cross gender arousal which in no way shape or form proves that AGP theory is correct. It proves that they have experienced arousal fantasizing as women.

Is it possible that some gynephiles are prompted to transition due to a fetish? undoubtedly and Lawrence may be one of them. Is it likely all gynephiles do? prove it to me.

Let's all please read carefully shall we?:)

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