lunch with Cristine

I had lunch today with Cristine; that 32 year old woman who I befriended not long ago. She seemed to want to talk so we made plans for today since we were both off (I had a car appointment in the morning and booked off for the day).

We had a nice lunch in old Montreal and she was able to share some of the frustrations she is going through in her life right now. I was only too happy to lend an ear but we both benefited from getting together as she is a lovely person.

To Cristine I am a mid fifties divorced woman and I kept it that way. I had no interest in going down the transgender rabbit hole.

She works in broadcasting and is moving to Toronto in the next few months so all the more reason not to broach the subject. I will more than likely lose touch with her.

This falls into the category of experimentation with living full time and I am reflecting slowly on whether it's a good fit for me.

Yes Sherry, I wore my stilettos.


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