Patricia wants to hire me full time but she cannot afford my salary just yet. However this is perfect because my plan was to become a consultant in 4 years and not impact my pension too much. This means I stay with this project part time working as Joanna and possibly full time down the road whether or not I medically transition. In other words, I have tons of options including keeping the status quo and having one foot in each gender.

This makes me very happy as the team is amazing and the project deals with sustainable development and prefabricated housing which is just up my alley. I also get to work as a woman full time should I desire to.

Who woulda thunk.


  1. There is nothing like having possibilities to raise one's spirits. Congrats!

    1. thanks Katie....took a lot of reflection to get here. Dealing with gender dysphoria as you well know is no picnic


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