overheard in a ladies room

I was in a ladies room in the Centre de Commerce Mondial de Montreal on the lip of the old city this past labor day Monday washing my hands, when the woman next to me points to a spider on the counter.

"My daughter would probably freak out a little" I said

"Just wait till mine gets here and she is 18"

Just then her daughter came out of the stall

"This lady says that her daughter would freak out too" says the mom pointing to the spider.

I detected an American accent

"Where are you both from?"

"Vermont, my daughter is going to school here"

"Go Bernie!" I piped up.

"Oh God we love him too. Everytime we come up here we feel like apologizing to Canadians for Trump" says the mom with a sheepish grin.

"No worries, 60% of you can't stand him" I reassured laughing a little.

"What I don't get" says the mom " is that he's made of teflon. For the Trumpists he can do wrong"

"Beats the heck out of me" I respond shaking my head

"Have a wonderful day ladies"

"You too m'am"

They were both lovely just like most Americans are.


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