a kid like jake

A young family with one child named Jake who starts to show signs of gender variance is the subject of a Netflix film. Could he be transgender?

The parents begin to concern themselves with this issue as the start of his private grade school life looms. How far does this gender variance go and what does it mean for the future. It is the balance between accepting your child and protecting them from the hostility of society that these parents struggle with.

Is the movie perfect? No and there are some pacing problems and even a lack of screen time for Jake who is only 4. What is good is the representation of the angst that these parents go through while dealing with people who don't understand their child. It also captures the overzealous energy many expend to micro manage their lives in making sure they get into the "right school"; doing so with the same intensity as if it were a university.

"A Kid like Jake" is now available on Netflix.


  1. I can just imagine the evangelicals answering back with a short film about how the parents have caved in to the "trans agenda" called "A Jake-like Kid." :-(-:

  2. Unfortunately "A Kid Like Jake" is unavailable to me on Netflix. On Amazon it says that it can't be rented, perhaps because the movie is pretty new.

    1. oh odd because its available on Netflix Canada :)


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