I've lived long enough to appreciate and comprehend that life is about the unpredictable. In fact, a good deal of our existence involves learning to assimilate change that is often thrust upon us without warning. Things look bleak and then suddenly they don't or it's the reverse.

We should be used to navigating around obstacles by a certain age and yet it is never easy. What our maturity brings is that resignation which spurs the rolling of the eyes when we understand that, in some cases, fighting is futile for we know the quicksand around us will only invite quicker immersion.

Sometimes the certainty of a disaster turns into an opportunity gained down the road which is why it is best not to stew in the juices of an event which finds us despondent.

It is said that the only constants in life are death and taxes but to that I would the unavoidability of change which invites us to adapt.

As someone who, from a young age, has wanted to control things around me I have had to learn to let go and accept.


  1. Joanna, I hope you are fully prepared for even more change in your life. For a change I am going to agree with every word you wrote. :)

  2. If Inexplicitly gaining five pounds in the last week was an option, I guess the change in wardrobe is still inevitable. The dress I wanted to change into last night was not an option, anyway. :-((-:


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