coffee with Patricia

I had coffee with Patricia yesterday at the Standard Cafe in Westmount and we talked business, but we also talked about cosmetics and what each of us was wearing and how we sometimes don’t like our bodies.

She is a very open person and I was able to confide in her about the challenges of my history and how I am still sometimes torn about what to do. But that process is now left to a completely organic flow which won’t stop me from living happily because my torment is gone.

Patricia is really getting to understand and appreciate the challenges we face as transgender people.

I got there first and as I waited for her to arrive, a young woman came in and smiled at me and I figured she was just being nice. A few moments later I turned back, and there she was waving at me prompting me to ask her if we knew each other.

“From Sephora?!” she said

and then the light bulb goes off and I recognized her; the very sweet and friendly face of a mid-twenties young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Her name is Liz and she complimented me on my makeup and my hair the last time I was there.

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the standard cafe


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