Sometimes people suffer for years over things that happened to them or to others.

In 1959 a young army recruit was involved in a military truck accident where the vehicle overturned killing another young soldier. The former had been ordered to make room for that young man who was killed and, as a result, he suffered from PTSD for the next 58 years. He was never able to get past the guilt that if it weren't for his obeying that order, the young man would still be alive today.

Years later he was able to find the brother of the dead soldier and admit his guilt only to have that person (who was by now 80 and the same age as him) tell him more about how wonderful his brother had been to him and what a great influence he was on his life. The brother also admitted that he had felt his spiritual presence strongly in his house for the last year which coincided with the search this conflicted man had begun.

The sheer relief in his voice in having received some form of resolution and the reassurance from the brother who did not blame his following an order was palpable in his voice.

All this was part of a radio documentary which was sometimes heart wrenching to listen to.

It reminded me once again that so many of us lead tortured lives and this man's heavy heart wouldn't let him rest until he found some kind of deliverance. His daughter and wife were also able to find solace in seeing their father and husband find peace at last.


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