While its great for Kenneth Zucker that he gets to walk away with a settlement and salvage his reputation over something he allegedly said about a former patient, I for one am glad his clinic is closed.

Reparative gender therapy took the approach that we could "fix" gender variant kids by encouraging them to stay within societally prescribed gender roles. While I am all for averting unnecessary transitions there could be a danger that transgender children would be treated in such a way they were left discouraged about their identity plus lead hopeful parents to expect their child would be repaired so they could avoid dreaded embarrassment.

Rather than dissuade these kids we should simply monitor them and not influence them either way. Many of them grow out of their gender variance anyway and those that don't will likely wind up as transgender adults. My nephew was left alone until one day at 17 he came out as gay. His princess dress phase was not panicked over and my brother felt no great impetus to intervene.

The new more humane approach is far preferable and the tandem of Blanchard and Zucker was a toxic combination the CAMH was well to rid themselves of since they represented the old school of how not to handle gender variance. Imagine starting off with Zucker and when that failed move on to a man who thought you were mentally ill?

What we need is balance and vigilance not judgement and repair. We need to let people be who they are rather than slot them into Jack and Jill boxes.

Goodbye Dr. Zucker and Blanchard and farewell. Enjoy your respective retirements and don't let the door hit you on your way out.


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