marrying career and passion

My daughter is switching from being a lighter to being an animator. A lighter (as the name implies) lights the animated scenes with shadow and light so they have more 3 dimensional depth and realism. It's a part of the process but she prefers to be an animator and, as good fortune would have it, she is going to be mentored by an ex-Disney animator who is going to teach her the ropes.

I am very happy that this generation can more take advantage of the increased opportunities before them. If I had told my parents I wanted to be a painter or a musician they would have suggested I choose something more practical so I could support a family. I followed that guidance and don't really have major regrets as I kept the artistic endeavors going on the side. However, marrying your passion with a career is the ultimate goal for any artist.

Had I chosen art or music my life might have followed a more challenging path but I cannot say for certain. What I can state with certitude is that the options were considerably more limited back then.


  1. Good for your daughter, Joanna!

    When I first saw your headline, I thought that maybe you'd left out a comma. "Marrying, Career and Passion" is quite different from "Marrying Career and Passion." Have you read "Eats Shoots and Leaves"? ;-)

    1. No I have not Connie but I know what you mean! LOL


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