more reflections on the endo visit

My visit with Dr. Morris was very positive because he is such a supportive person of transgender people. The fact that he treats so many of us and continues to state unequivocally that we are a normal part of the fabric of humanity is what I found so uplifting.

He doesn’t want people to transition for the sake of it. He wants to help you to transition if this is what you must do which I find to be a very good approach. He has turned away people knowing full well that they were not transgender. In my case he let me decide how far I wanted to take things and he would green light what I wanted to do.

I felt very much in control with him and I knew I was dealing with an individual who understood our community very well. His matter of fact no nonsense style and sense of humor was very welcome, and you could see he really loved his work and relished helping his patients.

I had been reflecting on what to do for quite some time but in the end my ultimate barometer was my current level of happiness. The fact that I am comfortable where I am as a transgender person is the reason I am going to refrain from HRT; not because I do not think it is the right way to go but because I don’t it is the right way to go for me.

Dr. Morris looks at the individual and not at an archetype of what one should be which made my two overlaps with him truly wonderful. As a contrast we talked about one of his patients who at 25 walked into his clinic needing to transition and 20 years later is living happily as the woman she is. Like my friend Sherry, there was no question for her that this was the right path.

Each road is our own and this is one of the most important lessons we should learn in this life. You are perfectly normal for you and that is what counts.

Might I take a different road in future? Anything is possible.


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