my to do list

My to do list has been morphing. For years there were diapers to change, putting them to bed, then sporting events, doctor appointments, helping with homework and advising them through tough times.

I am proud of the work my ex and I put into our children as they are both fine human beings. They are different and yet carry that same thread that we tried to bestow upon them of trying to be be a kind and dignified person with principles; a person who does their best in an imperfect world.

My to do list has turned inward and about what I need to do. Both my children don't seem to mind the idea that their father might be a woman and that I may need to live this way.

I have zero regrets about the choices I made because I can look back and know that I didn't shirk responsibility. I did my best to help raise two people who now accept me completely as I am without reservation.

My aspirations and goals are now centered on internal peace and tranquility of spirit and not some outward achievement for I have done what I needed to.


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