not looking good

Robert Mueller now has an IRS forensics unit working with him. Trump has repeatedly refused to release his taxes but now the jig is up and that phony front company he set up with his father to funnel money to the Trump children will no doubt also form part of the investigation. This is how 500 US million was transferred with only a 5% taxation rate instead of 55% as it was at the time. Financial transactions were falsified which the New York Times recently discovered in their investigation.

The front company all this money was funnelled through? All County Building Supply and Maintenance which did nothing more than inflate the value of transactions.

I suspect what Mueller will find (if he hasn't already) is a long financial relationship with Russian contacts leading up to the election. This of course included Flynn, Manafort and others who profited from Trump's arrangements. This undoubtedly includes Don jr. and Jared Kushner.

With Trump's poll numbers tanking in every state in the union he had better hope the GOP retains the House and Senate. Otherwise it's going to get very uncomfortable for the Donald.


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