the animas

What is your male self versus your female self? What does it mean? I used to think I understood the difference but I no longer do.

When we point to this we are talking about behavioral traits. In other words, how we present which includes dressing and modes of expression giving others clues about what gender we are. But how do we feel inside is the most important question which is entirely independent to those visual cues.

This is the part transgender people need to get right and decide who they are.

That video of a young semi closeted trans person I featured showed us how someone can refer to gender only in external terms; one presents one way or another except one isn't more male or female because of just clothing. That journey must be made internally.

I was much more like her when younger but as I have aged there is less separation between the animas (as Jung would probably refer to them). My male and female are fusing into one entity I am happier with each passing day and I no longer separate them in my mind based strictly on sartorial presentation.

I guess what I am also saying as a caveat is that I too thought I knew who I was at 25 but I was wrong.


  1. My separation of self was never really sartorial, but it's often been satirical. :-) Really, though, there is so much irony in this gender identity business; much too serious to never have laughed about it. The one thing that has definitely been a part of who I am throughout is that I am a smart ass...not a bad-looking ass either, if I do say so myself. :-)

    1. thanks for always adding a bit of levity to all this Connie :)

  2. When I started blogging, I referred to my maleness in terms of facade which had evolved to protect me from my true nature. It was the year before, when I began stage acting, it became clear to me that my whole life up to that point had been just that; an act.
    Acting all the time was like hitting myself with a hammer. It felt so good to stop, and it felt like me; a woman.

    1. I can tell how happy you are from reading your blog now but also from interacting with you in person. We all need to be on the outside who we are on the inside


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