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then they came for the trans people...

I despair for America.

It used to be that being a conservative entailed mostly of focusing on small government and pushing for free markets but that has changed. In fact this president is protectionist and is leading a rag tag bunch of religious zealots and extremists who are figuring out ways of holding back the hoardes at the southern border.

Trickle down economics having failed miserably under Reagan and other GOP presidents since, they have gone back to the drawing board and are quietly enriching the top 1% while they bamboozle the remaining 99%. The deficit is exploding again and is at its highest level since 2012 so while they celebrate happy times this doesn't bode well for the future when belt tightening will be in store.

Don't get me wrong, the Democrats don't have all the answers either as they are hopelessly tied to corporate money. The only way out will be to free up politics to go back to working for the people again. Otherwise the US is slowly headed towards societal implosion because the health of a society is measured by how its poorest factions are doing. By this standard, there are counties in some Southern states that are doing abysmally badly. No one talks about this too loudly and amidst the smoke screen of Trump rallies of course and, the work that needs to be done, remains untouched.

The monumental idiot currently in charge (whose rhetoric is inspiring mailbox bombers) is now at 47% popularity proving that you could run a fire hydrant for president and it would still get decent numbers. The misogyny, the lying, the calleouness and all around incompetence and stupidity haven't had the impact they should have had, making me think the echo chamber divisions are so well entrenched it may almost be too late; the reds and the blues are only deepening in hue over time.

As far as the definition of gender identity is concerned, going back to purely biological birth sex will almost guarantee more backlash against transgender people on an issue where the science is still very unclear. But this is not about respecting that doubt and more about pleasing radicals who are hell bent on pushing the idea that transgender people are mentally ill. It will give those who believe that the legal ammunition to discriminate even further.

However, there have been many precedents set already for this monstrous administration to get their way. The backlash will be swift and hard; not only from us but from our parents, siblings, friends acquantances and decent people everywhere who care about us. They won't win even with Kavanaugh because the will of the people won't let them turn the United States into a social backwater. Although let us not forget that the Weimar Republic was a social democracy before Hitler entered the picture and spurred a descent into sheer lunacy.

Time to stop this madness.


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