trusting your instincts

There is a handwritten journal that predates this blog by 2 years. The reason I began to write was to sort out my emotions about being trans and how I was going to manage my life around it.

But later another motivation was added.

I became indignant about people who didn't share my life experience weighing in on what they thought made me tick; all in a way that I couldn't relate to. This was too much to bear for someone who had struggled over this difference for so long. Hence, I read everything I could get my hands on to be better able to arm myself but also hoping to find concrete answers. Those who read my blog know it is the product of a perfectly lucid mind so the mental illness diagnosis used to dismiss trans people will never fly with me.

After all that reading, what I ultimately learned is that we need to trust ourselves because there is a dearth of reliable information out there. Trust your instincts instead.

A lot of the fake science that has been concocted against us has an agenda; all of it. Once you comprehend this you can rest easy and find a life formula that works for you.

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  1. That fake science is concocted and spewed about because those people claim that there is a transgender agenda that must be thwarted. What transgender agenda? I certainly have no agenda, other than I want to be afforded the basic human rights of which all people are entitled. For those who would claim that I suffer from a mental illness, I am still not a danger to others or myself - so why should they care? For those who believe that I am going against the Word of God by expressing my gender identity as I do, I believe that God has spoken directly to me, and He told me I'm OK. Again, though, I offer no danger to anyone's religious beliefs either.

    I think that I am actually more mentally stable and more in tune with God's teachings than are my detractors. I'm not keeping score, though. Most of us who are trans have spent far more time and energy studying and praying over gender identity than others ever will. In my case, I know now that I suffered from what many call the paralysis of analysis. In retrospect, I can say that was what almost drove me to a real mental illness. I am very thankful that God is patient and kind, too, and I can only pray that he will be so with the nay-sayers, as well. If there's an agenda that needs to be considered, it is not one that has been concocted from any human. For that, I am sure.

    1. You are just fine Connie and sharp witted too!!

    2. To have a wit, one must give a whit. I have always seen more than one side or meaning to things......Gee, I wonder what that may come from,,,,,,,,,,,,?????

  2. Careful, ladies. Someone may think we have a love agenda here! :-)

  3. You seem to be slowly reaching the point I'm at: we can't care about the beliefs, opinions and prejudices of other people. Most people are uninformed or misinformed about our condition so their thoughts on us are incorrect. And even in the rare case they are accurate, they have no greater power than our own beliefs. Let's not cede power over our lives to anyone other than ourselves.


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