a lovely day

It was a very nice day yesterday.

I dropped off my car to have the tires changed to my winters and then was chauffeured to the subway. There by happenstance I met Tina who works at the Hudson's Bay Company (the Bay) at one of the cosmetics counters and we had a lovely chat before she got off at her stop.

I killed some time before meeting Leticia at our designated spot and we then moved on to Cafe Cherrier on the Plateau Mont Royal. We had a nice time catching up and I even had a young just married couple ask me to take their picture.

I got picked up at the subway by the dealer and as I paid for my tires had a brief conversation with the receptionist who is very friendly.

My comfort level as a woman is now at it's best level ever and I am just humming along on muscle memory not needing to second guess myself or feel in any way self concious. After all, why should I?


  1. There you go again, Joanna - doing ordinary things extraordinarily! When the things we do become ordinary and routine, we allow ourselves to find the extraordinary in the people, events, and places we experience. Where, at one time, doing things and being accepted as a woman was the need and goal, getting past that point (and "over ourselves") allows us to really experience life. It's the "who" transitioning past the "what."

    1. Yes it does become easier with practice doesn't it


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