creep factor

He touches my pant leg very subtly but I feel it. He is sitting next to me in the subway car but I don't react.

Later as I'm getting off he reaches for the pant leg again; subtle but again I feel it. I dont react because it's not worthwhile. Might just be his little fetish: feeling women's clothing and enjoying that he got away with it.

Some people are just creepy.

This past weekend a man followed me into the grocery store. I had already spotted him from the corner of my eye and sure enough there he was next to me trying to engage in conversation except that once again the creep factor was way high. I told him to go away or I would call security and thankfully he did.

When I went into a store later I mentioned it to the sales girl and she gave me that knowing nod telling me she was no stranger to the odd creepster.

"Ca fait partie d'etre une femme Madame" she said.

"Comme c'est dommage" I respond.


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