for the first time in our history

We are entering a phase in our history where the expression of gender is being liberated and once you reach a new echelon there is no going back. Consider how a show like Ru Paul's drag race would never have seen the light of day 30 years ago. With signs like these, young LGBT people as well as those truly comfortable in their skin are challenging the strict binary rules we lived under and even bending them to suit their uniqueness.

Lately I have seen several cases of young male cashiers with their nails meticulously painted and yesterday I saw a young man wearing flawlessly applied makeup. No one was stopping to stare at him. The more gender variance becomes routine the less remarkable it becomes giving people the ability to avoid ridicule.

It is understood that not everyone will be interested in testing the boundaries of gender which is perfectly wonderful. But others will, for the first time in their lives, truly be able to be themselves rather than conform out of fear. They will receive the gift of not needing to hide.

Will some people still transition? Of course they will because transsexualism has always been a part of the human condition; something which we can now treat effectively. The difference is that others who lie on other parts of the spectrum between femininity and masculinity will also be afforded greater options other than switching gender roles just to make others feel comfortable.

The millenials and those that come after will push those boundaries beyond a point I could scarcely have imagined when I was younger. Transgender and gender variant people aren't going to be erased any time soon despite the wishes of some frustrated baby boomers and as these detractors disappear from the human landscape we will see a world which exhibits it's true range of diversity.

Today we are starting to see trans people enter public office after being primarily featured in the arts and culture and sport. This entry point will allow for even more visibility and influence and, even as the haters will always be there, we will at least have our place firmly on the map.

For the first time in our history, we will see the full empowerment of both sexes because people are no longer going to be put into copy and paste boxes. Instead, they will rightfully want to be public reflections of their true selves.


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