I think Halle was worried about me but she needn't have been. But then, as a result of her email, we are now getting together in December for lunch.

It's true I have been writing blog posts at an alarming rate but maybe its because of this burst of energy I have; I don't know. It will probably spend itself and I will go back to daily posts or even weekly posts - who knows. The only thing I know is that the blog isn't going anywhere.

If an idea pops into my head I write it into my phone and expand upon it. Sometimes that thought is abandoned only to see it return and I will attack it from a different angle.

I enjoy writing and I have never had more time on my hands than I do now. With two grown children and many hours spent on my own, it is easier to write and doing so brings me comfort. It doesn't matter how many people read it although my readership has never been higher. Still, I would write regardless because I have to.

I am always thinking and when I go on my daily walks, am sitting in some café or have just seen an inspiring political video while browsing YouTube at home, it is all material for a potential blog post. Often, I will now post a video without commentary because it needs none.

So fear not, I am all right.

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  1. You are an inspiration! I have never commented before, but I read your blog faithfully. I am in a later-life journey of my own, and you are a guiding light!

    1. thanks for you kind words Billie it is in fact the inspiration from my readers that encourages me to keep going :)

  2. Love your writing, Joanna, and I love that you and our dear friend, Halle, are dining together!

    1. Thanks Calie and it would be even better if you were joining us!

    2. We will get lucky and find a time when Calie can join us. I just know it!


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