If you really think about it, human beings are perfectly strange creatures who have trouble understanding even themselves. We spend our lives trying to correct behaviours which confound and leave us perplexed for we know they inhibit our advancement to new levels of awareness.

This growth that we seek can be elusive because we cannot see ourselves with the brutal objectivity that this requires. Many of us don't want to see into a mirror which might force us into deeper introspection.

Today I am doing my best to remove those personal blinders but also working on eliminating the reflexive negativity I was taught to espouse; for this is also key to my evolution as a person.

Critique yourself yes, but also be kind in admitting that our strangeness is an intrinsic part of the packaging and, knowing this, that forgiveness and leniency must be extended to the self.


  1. As something of an expert in brutally honest self-examination, it seems to me one should seek to accept and understand, then better use those behaviors that are deeply ingrained in us.

    When we struggle to correct them they fight back. Just when we think they are vanquished they reappear, usually at the very worst of times.

  2. You're human. You will, every now and then, discover aspects about yourself that you don't like.

    Don't wallow in the pain or shame that can accompany these moments.

    Every time you realize something negative about yourself, you have actually been blessed with the opportunity to improve.


  3. The feedback is wise as always. Thanks to both of who I know have spent so much time reflecting on the nature of our humanity


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