the man who changed jazz

Dave Brubeck was the first to introduce classical influences, syncopated rhythms and odd time signatures to the jazz medium which had up to that time stayed in 4/4 time.

Here is one of the pieces from his 1960 release Time Out with Paul Desmond playing sax like only he could...


  1. I took to playing different time signatures the minute I was introduced to Take Five (from the same album). I had just started the drums, and until I heard Dave Brubeck and the 5/4 time signature used like that, I was more a fan of The Dave Clark Five. Of course, I was more interested, at that time, in being a rock 'n roll star. The effort I put into that goal was a good distraction away from my gender dysphoria.

    Much of life is like 4/4 time, steady and predictable. For one who is dealing with gender dysphoria, though, it's like trying to fit an extra beat into the rhythm the rest of the world is playing. As I like to say, I am not just marching to the beat of a different drummer; I AM THE DRUMMER! When I listen to Brubeck's music, it feels as natural to me as my life does now. To the untrained ear, it may seem a little different, but, when played proficiently, it becomes seamless.

    1. You the drums, me the piano and Halle woodwinds. We should start a jazz band! :)

    2. As long as I get to sing, too! (I like getting all the attention :-)


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