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Gender is the equivalent of a loaded hand gun. It is such a fundamental building block of society that, for many, it is not to be trifled with.

A trans woman misrepresenting herself can get her killed as can a man who bends the boundaries and inadvertantly ends up on the wrong side of town. Gender is serious business because it is also tied to religious dogma which has traditionally placed very specific roles on each sex; in particular the dynamics centered around procreation.

Gender identity exploration can seem to some to be appropriation. TERFS, for example, will bemoan the intrusion of transwomen as "men entering women's spaces".

Transgender people know who they are but unfortunately they are outlaws in a world that craves strict definitions hinged on birth sex. It doesn't matter how much you protest; for some we will always be men in dresses even if that particular scenario would be entirely fine. Except that transgender people aren't just dressing up for fun; it is first and foremost as expression of identity.

Transgressing on gender can still get you jailed or killed in many countries of the world and, even in the United States, a supposed beacon of enlightenment, there are forces hell bent on reversing our progress.

We are still years away from leading entirely safe lives but as way of solace, we need only look in the rear view mirror, to witness how far we have come.


  1. ----"TERFS, for example, will bemoan the intrusion of transwomen as 'men entering women's --- ------spaces.'"

    Ahh, TERFs. Some of them are actually decent folk who will have a respectful dialogue with you. In our universe, though, the it's the squeakiest wheels that get the grease of attention. TERFs have one good point: The social experiences of someone born ostensibly reproductively female are different from the social experiences of someone born ostensibly reproductively male. To me, the word "duh" seems the most instinctive response, but to others, this apparently courts the kind of vitriolic controversy that could lead to bloodshed.

    Alas, TERFs have become the strange bedfellows of religious conservatives on the issue of trans rights. This is a bad move politically - for TERFs. Their conception of utopia is far more likely to be won by allying with *us*. In the long term, trans people are ultimately transgressing, not reinforcing, gender norms. *We* will, albeit slowly and step by painful step, make it so that biology is not destiny, and asymptotically approach a world in which self expression is a right as fundamental as breathing. One in which no one is confined to a gender role that is not self defined. Even the most orthodox of TERFs, who believe gender simply does not exist, will be safer in that world, where they may claim to be agender without fear, and might even convince more and more people of their thesis.

    Hell, we'll accept them as agender now. Allying with religious conservatives is a stupid, counterrevolutionary move that, if "successful," would leave TERFs to fight their battles in a world that looks more like the Handmaid's Tale.

    ----". . . even in the United States, a supposed beacon of enlightenment . . . "

    The U.S. is more like the bastard child of a dictator's son and an enlightenment family's daughter. Our ideals are born of the Enlightenment. Our behaviors, not so much. The U.S. has been an experiment in Enlightenment aspiration. We're still awaiting the lab results.

    -----"We are still years away from leading entirely safe lives but as way of solace, we need only -----look in the rear view mirror, to witness how far we have come."

    Now that much is very true, and should never be forgotten. If someone told me in the early 1980s that, by the time I was in my 40s, the Supreme Court will have held that gay marriage is a Constitutional right; that marijuana would be legalized in so many states that it was inevitable that it would legalized nationwide in my lifetime; that there will have been a black president; that there will be openly-trans celebrity actors, athletes and soldiers; and that I would be happily living as a woman who could not be mistaken for a man if she tried, I would probably have laughed, and asked this someone what the catch was for buying their snake oil.


    1. An enemy of my enemy is my friend which is why the TERFS have fallen into bed with the religious right. It is, as you say, a bad move since they do not espouse the same beliefs. Strangely the TERFS mostly see gender as a social construct and yet have a lot of trouble digesting that this also applies for male to female transgender people; a clear contraction. Dont confuse people with logic 😀

    2. I meant to say contradiction! :)


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